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Writing Classes & Editing Services

Writing Classes & Editing Services

The Quick Edit: Made affordable for writers who are looking for professional feedback on a short story or novel excerpt. Up to 5,000 words. Edit provided in track changes. Quick turn-around. $25

Query Critique: Professional query review and assessment. For writers seeking to send for out, a professional business letter focusing on your strengths is essential. Quick turn-around. $13.

Novella Edit: Made affordable for writers who are looking for professional feedback on a novella or novel excerpt. Up to 15,000 words. Edit provided in track changes. $45

Novel Editing: Non-fiction and fiction manuscript evaluation in a variety of genres, (e.g., teen, fantasy, sci-fi, nature writing, historical, literary). See below for service description. Please email me with specific project details and pricing. Always affordable for all income levels. 

Other Editing Services: Please email me if you have a particular project that you have that might not fit these guidelines.

Writing Classes

Make Your Own Writing Class
As a writer, what do you need to learn, hone, or strengthen? In this class, you choose the topic you'd like to learn, and I'll design the class. It will involve readings, new writing, and writing exercises over four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, feel free to choose another topic to work on. Example topics: dialogue; point-of-view; how to create a compelling story opening; ekphrasis; writing description; how to plot a novel; the hero's journey (our favorite); characterization and countless other themes in fiction or non-fiction. $125 

Writing Historic Fiction
The course objective is to prepare writers, of all levels, with the skills necessary to complete a historical short story or novel chapter. We will explore a variety of topics geared to learning how to research your novel, and how to incorporate history into setting, characters, and plot. The class will consist of research and world building exercises, analysis of popular historical novels, and written fiction. Students will develop either a short story or a work-in-progress novel throughout the weeks. Students will leave with a thorough understanding of the historic novel, and feel confident to create a work of their own, hopefully building on the piece developed in workshop. Four classes, $155

Exploring the Art of Nature Writing
According to Thomas J. Lyon in his book, This Incomparable Land, nature writing has three main divisions: natural history information, personal responses to nature, and philosophical interpretation of nature. In this course we will explore the three types of nature writing that Lyon suggests. Through writing exercises that take us in into the field, we’ll discover the different ways to write about nature, setting, and place. Through reading diverse authors in the field, we’ll uncover a variety of styles, and find our own place within the spectrum. [Writing exercises include: writing about nature from indoors; writing about nature while outdoors; journaling nature; and adopting an endangered species. Readings are short chapters that will give the student a diverse view of nature writing throughout history.] Four classes, $155

Writing Sci-fi & Fantasy Fiction
Whether you're writing science fiction or fantasy, or one of the various hybrids, like steampunk, magical realism, or mashups, believability is essential. In this class, we'll look at your world from the ground up. We'll start with setting and make our way through plotting, character, and dialogue, with an eye toward making sure that what you have created in your mind is perfected on the page. We'll also look at overused troupes, by studying some of the great masters of the genre. Four classes, $125

Writing Teen Fiction
The course objective is to prepare writers, of all levels, with the skills necessary to complete a teen fiction short story or novel chapter. We will explore a variety of topics geared to learning how to world-build your novel, for today's market. Whether you're working in the past, the contemporary world, or dystopian, sci-fi, or fantasy, we will work through the basics: character motivation, story conflict, point-of-view, and more. Coursework includes reading and questions that focuses on the teen market; classroom writing exercises to further develop you skills; and new writing deadlines each week. Four classes, $125.

Service Description:

Our editing services bring up-to-date, modern understanding of grammar rules, in all reference styles. We seek to make you look your best, not by changing your words, but by honing what's already there. Because we're also writers, we make the process easy for you by providing you with a line-by-line edit in track changes, as well as a report explaining any cohesion and clarity issues throughout the entire work. We deliver the end product with both the edit and a final proof.

Generally speaking, we edit for the following, depending on the project: grammar, punctuation, sentence clarity, word choice, informal/formal voice, fact-checking, consistency, cohesion, clarity.

**For fiction and non-fiction: characterization, setting, plot, writing discovery, narration and dialogue, point-of-view shifts, beginnings and endings, world building, among other things.

*We make comments with examples, in order to be clear and effective in helping you see what might be needed in a particular area. We line edit and provide developmental suggestions for the entire work.

Other services:
-Will edit and format from the title to the last page, scrutinizing consistency, checking for spelling and grammar. Will proof and fact-check any content needed, (e.g., quotations, citations).

-Will ensure formatting is also consistent, (e.g, any pagination, headers, visuals, etc.). Will provide proof and edit in track changes. Adhere to citation rules.

-Will exceed time-frame and deliver a professional edit you can be proud of. Work is done in service to you. We thrive on helping others with writing, giving 110%.