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Welcome to Sword & Saga Press where our commitment is to our readers. Besides sourcing works of fiction from across the globe, we offer a place to talk books. We think of our press as the coliseum, the open fire, the desert range, the place to connect you with fiction that resonates a sense of nostalgia for the old days, while at the same time offering a view of the future.      

The Gardens of Forked Paths

We're now accepting submissions for the next issue of American Athenaeum

Our next issue, Gardens of Forked Paths, is currently seeking literary and artistic contributions that explore the diversions in life, the moments of indecision, of paths that go in unpredictable ways--and the gardens that are spawned from it

As with all our issues, we're seeking work representing a variety of "voices," that speak out, offer compassion, and seek answers and solutions rather than dwelling in a state of inertia and inactivity.

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Now Available: Wayfarers All

For the Wayfarer in us all...

Welcome to the Wayfarers All issue of American Athenaeum! This issue will take readers through a variety of literary contributions asking the questions: where have you traveled and where will you journey next? 

As our literary journal publishes “voices,” set up like a museum—a museum of words--you’ll encounter orators from the past, right alongside contemporary ones, including: a blind photographer; a Goth girl; a father coping with Asperger’s; a Voodoo queen bent on redemption; a naturopathic doctor; a Pagan editor; a Vermont gardener; the voices of Chernobyl; an American learning Shodô in Japan; an Israeli Jew, whose face is being used by anti-Semitic protesters; an American ex-pat living in France; and many more.

Special thanks to the extraordinary artist Dana Montlack and the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego for granting permission to feature a piece from her “Sea of Cortez” exhibit on our cover; the collection is currently on exhibit through January. (Further details in the book). And to Noble Smith, author of Wisdom of the Shire, Sons of Zeus, among others, who took the time for an in-depth interview on writing, process, and his work. To purchase, please visit:

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Ebook Edition
Museum of Words 

Publishing the Voices of the Unheard

We wanted to open a museum, the bricks-and-mortar type, a place where we could showcase community art and writing. We envisioned artists (musicians, poets, writers, painters, etc.,) coming together in an inviting haven to share their work right alongside the common person as well as the known. We pictured rooms filled with art and writing from the past, like a miniature Library of Alexandria, and as patrons, we would remember where we've been, what we've collectively experienced, and consider where we might go next; most importantly, we might begin to explore the possibility of a hopeful, compassionate future. 

American Athenaeum is the embodiment of this vision. 

Please take a moment to visit our exhibits, and support the work of artists from our global community. Here you'll find the janitor, the indigenous voice, the outspoken, the shy or comedic, the heroic, the disabled, the bus rider, the scholar, the poet--ultimately, your neighbors. Share us with your friends and in your classrooms, and most especially, read, read, read the voices, allow them to take you to a place you've never been before. Learn more.

Learn more about our titles and find out how you can be part of this museum of words. 

The Understanders Issue
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The Last Man Anthology: A Mary Shelley Tribute
Featuring Ray Bradbury, Barry Malzberg, C. J. Cherrhy

Colossus Issue
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Things You Might Like to Know About Sword & Saga Press 
Want a quick idea of who we are. Take a look at our list of things you might find interesting. 
  1. We believe building community is important to sustaining personal happiness, and can start within your own home, neighborhood, or state. For ideas on how to build community, check out The Great Neighborhood Book.
  2. We publish "voices" from around the globe, and are as diverse or as well-known as Ray Bradbury to the common bus rider. 
  3. We ship our books in recycled envelopes, cereal boxes, and the like. 
  4. We've signed the Charter for Compassion. You can too. 
  5. We're hosted by a green company
  6. We believe that the world can be changed by the individual action of one person, simply working on changes in their own individual life. 

Writers, join the community inside our Writers House, a place writers to get the tools they might need to support their craft. We provide a variety of services catering to quality of services at a low cost. 

We're pleased to announce a partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego to feature the work of Dana Montlack for the Wayfarers All cover of American Athenaeum. If you live in the area, please visit the "Sea of Cortez" exhibition, now running through Jan 2014. For more information, please visit: MOCA.