We are currently closed to submissions, while we reconsider our role in publishing today's voice. Please check back shortly for updates. 

 While our issues don't have themes, we're more likely to publish work that is daring and energetic, and not afraid to say what needs to be said. We're more focused on publishing voices—stories with characters that need to be heard—that inform our times. We have several departments that make us unique, and ultimately give the journal focus. They include: America Talks, Compassion City, Voices of Endangered Species, Wisdomgrams, 1 Bookshelf, Author Book Reviews, and more. 

We believe in honoring work that speaks out, offers compassion, seeks answers and solutions, rather than dwelling in a state of inertia and inactivity. We also strive to entertain, and mostly share a diversity of voices, past and present.

Read our Duotrope interview here to learn more about submitting. 

Our finished issues are sent to the Best Of collections, bus lines, donation buckets, the Pushcart Prizeliterary agents, The PEN/O'Henry Prize, Non-Required Reading, BILINE, Prime Books Year's Best Dark Fantasy Anthology, The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, and more. Read the NewPages review of American Athenaeum here.

In addition to fiction, poetry, and essays, in a variety of genres including: literary; historical; teen; sci-fi & fantasy; magical realism; narrative of our elders; work from underrepresented groups; work with diversity;l; GLBTQX; Pagan/Wiccan, Buddhist, Taoist, Philosophical, and other spiritual themes; work from indigenous authors. 

We also accept the following:

America Talks: 1500-5500 word essays that share the view from your window. What is going on in your neighborhood, your patch of the world? What’s important to you to share about the world? This is your microphone to talk about what's important to you. Honor your right to free speech. Expats welcome. Also open to "Native America Talks." 

Compassion City: We’re interested in stories that focus on the compassionate side of people, animals, life, the world. Imagine if the world were filled with compassion cities? Take the Charter for Compassion pledge. We have.

1 Bookshelf: Take a look at your bookcase. Now one shelf. What story does it tell? Run your eyes over the titles—when did a certain book come into your life? Who gave it to you? Consider the memories attached to those books. Maybe you have a special shelf of books you grew up with. Here is your chance to tell your story, and what those books mean to you. Seeking 500-word essays. Easiest way to get publish in our journal.

Author Book Reviews:
We've all read a book review written by someone else. We wanted to offer authors something different. We're seeking first-person narratives (500-1200 words) that tell the reader something about why you wrote the book, what it means to you, the inspiration behind it, perhaps a story that put you on the road to writing it. The "author" book review essentially describes the book, but in a more personal way. (See issues for examples). We welcome tradition and self-published, as well as book excerpts to print alongside your review. (For authors interested in further promo, take advantage of our special advertising rates. We create it for you.)

Voices of Endangered Species: Welcome in fiction, poetry, and essay form. We ask writers to adopt one of the many species facing near extinction and write about it through your art. Through adoption, we hope to raise awareness on the enormous species loss facing the planet, but also, to awaken and educate the reader on an area they may otherwise not know much about. Judith Skillman's poem on Stellar's sea cow is a beautiful example; it was also nominated and accepted to the Best of New England Anthology. You can read it in Colossus. Richie Swanson's, "River Sun Warblers" is a brilliant depiction of what we're looking for. Read it in the Front Porch issue. 
Wisdomgrams: Short reflections. Can be a single line or a paragraph, but not much more than 500 words. We often publish prompts on our Warriors Wanted page. We believe everyone has a piece of wisdom to share. If you could impart a piece of wisdom to someone you love, a younger relative, a stranger, a friend or colleague, what would you tell them?  

For General Guidelines:

*For writers looking for craft related services, please visit our Writers House, where we offer manuscript and novel critiques, and a variety of workshops and classes, (like the extremely popular, World Building). We offer these at immensely affordable rates, not only to give back to writers, but to provide a place to explore the craft of writing; (it's what we wish had been available to us). Your support in turn helps to fund American Athenaeum.

**We accept manuscripts from authors worldwide. In your query, go ahead and tell us a little about yourself, why the piece is important to you.

Grant of rights: Author grants first or reprint rights to American Athenaeum to publish in "Issue Name," and only that issue, in print and electronically, worldwide.

Payment: Upon publication authors/artists receive (1) an electronic (PDF) copy of the completed issue. All authors are given self-promo time in their written bio, and are more than welcome to submit an author review for published books. (2) You will also receive one garden seed packet. We are currently saving and packaging organic red, orange, and yellow pepper seeds. In accordance with our community-minded efforts, we hope the seeds will help grow our world.

Thank you for your interest in American Athenaeum. We are published by Sword & Saga Press. A small press, with big friends like you--warriors wanted.